NISM Mutual Fund Exam Paper 2

Q (1): 

Which of this statement is true ?

  Selecting a money market fund is easier than selecting a bond or equity fund.

  Selecting a bond fund is easier than selecting a money market fund

  Selecting a equity fund is easier than selecting a money market fund

  None of above



Q (2): 

Which type of Fund is required to be listed on Stock Exchange?

  Debt Fund

  Liquid Fund

  Close-ended Fund

  Sector Fund



Q (3): 

Who cannot invest in MF?




  Foreign citizen



Q (4): 

Who took over the regulatory and administrative control in place of RBI after delinking?







Q (5): 

Young unmaried prefer regular recurring deposit scheme except


  (B) NSC

  Bank Deposits

  Betting on horse (as a regular income)



Q (6): 

_____ is used to measure fluctuation of fund

  Sharpe Ratio

  Treynor Ratio

  Standard Deviation




Q (7): 

‘EEFC’ is an account maintained in foreign currency with an authorised dealer i.e. a bank dealing in foreign exchange. What does 'C' stand for in ‘EEFC?







Q (8): 

A comprehensive financial plan takes into account all the financial goals of a person together, and then startegises the investment plan.

  (A) True

  (B) False



Q (9): 

A gilt fund is a special type of fund that invests :

  in very high quality equity only

  in instruments issued by companies with a sound track record

  in short-term securities

  in government securities only



Q (10): 

A retired investor needs to generate income for a comfortable post retirement life.Which phase is the investor in ?

  Transition Phase

  Distribution or reaping Phase

  Intergenerational transfer Phase

  Accumulation phase



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