NISM Mutual Fund Exam Paper 1

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Q (1): Suresh see's that his friends are investing in a finance scheme which is promising very high returns (a ponzi scheme). He also blindly invests in the same scheme. Which bias is Suresh exhibiting?

 Herd mentality

 Loss Aversion

 Confidence bias


Q (2): According to guidelines given by SEBI, every mutual fund scheme should have a minimum of _ investors.





Q (3): Identify the FALSE statement(s) - A - Authorised signatories have to sign the request for transactions of institutional investors in mutual funds B - Even if the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association does not permit invest in mutual funds, the company can invest in mutual fund on the basis of a Board Resolution

 Statement A is False

 Statement B is False

 Both statements A and b are false

Q (4): How often does a mutual fund disclose the information on Total Expense Ratio charged to a mutual fund scheme and where is this published?

 Daily - on the mutual fund website

 Weekly - on the mutual fund website

 Once a month in the fund Factsheet

 Once a year when it makes the mandatory disclosures to SEBI and AMFI

Q (5): In whose beneficial interest is a mutual fund managed?


 Unit holders



Q (6): What is the investment of a constant amount at regular intervals in a mutual fund scheme called ?

 Systematic Withdrawal Plan

 Systematic Transfer Plan

 Value Investing

 Systematic Investment Plan

Q (7): The party in whose favour the Units are pledged is called a ____ .





Q (8): With respect to model portfolio for Senior Citizens, it will not have any exposure to equity - State True or false ?



Q (9): If a Segregated portfolio is created, it shall be effective from ___ .

 the day of credit event

 seven days prior to the credit event

 one year from the date of the credit event

 the day that security was bought in the portfolio

Q (10): The loss booked from a debt investment of 15 months can be set off against __ .

 Long term capital loss

 Short term capital loss

 Short term capital gain or long term capital gain

 It cannot be set-off

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