NISM Series VIII - Equity Derivatives Paper - 13

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Q1.A portfolio of Rs 25 lacs has a beta of 1.20. A complete hedge is obtained by ___.
 by selling Nifty futures of Rs 25 lacs
 by selling Nifty futures of Rs 28 lacs
 by selling Nifty futures of Rs 30 lacs
 by buying Nifty futures of Rs 28 lacs
Q2.What will be the Delta for a Far Out-of-the-money option?
 Near 0
 Near 1
 Near -1
 Near 2
Q3.The beta of a stock is 0.7 and you have a buy position of Rs 3,00,000 in it. Which of the below options will give you a complete hedge?
 Sell Rs 2,10,000 Nifty
 Buy Rs 2,10,000 Nifty
 Buy Rs 3,00,00 Nifty
 Sell Rs 3,00,000 Nifty
Q4.A derivative market would primarily have __.
 Long term investors
 Both 1 and 2
Q5.Mr. Sunil wishes to buy a futures contract of Tata Steel shares. He should ____.
 make payments for the full value of the contract
 make the margin payments as calculated by the exchange
 hedge his position in Tata Steel in the Options market
 None of the above
Q6.Forward Contracts are those contracts that can be customized as per the requirements of the concerned parties - True or False?
Q 7.Which amongst the following comes under the purview of Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act-1956?
Q8.The strike price is the price per share for which the underlying security may be purchased or sold by the option holder - State True or False?
Q9.A penalty or suspension of registration of a stockbroker from derivatives exchange/segment under SEBI (Stock Broker and Sub-broker) Regulations, 1992 can take place if __
The stockbroker violates the conditions of registration
The stockbroker fails to pay fees
The stockbroker is suspended by the stock exchange
 In any of the above situations
Q10.The losses for a seller of Call options are ____.

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