Q1.‘ICICI Bank stock call and put option’ belongs to which of the following categories?
 Cash market product
 Derivative product
 Money market product
 Debt product
Q2.When a person enters into a forward contract, the loss that can occur on the position is __.
Q3.A long position in a PUT option can be closed by taking a short position in CALL option.
Q4.Mr. Mohit buys 3 Call options of strike price 200 when the spot price was 190 at a premium of Rs 16. Will he have to pay STT?
Q5.The open position of a Trading Member is arrived by _____.
 Adding up all his proprietary positions
Adding up all his client's net outstanding positions
Adding both - his proprietary positions and all his client's net outstanding positions
 None of the above
Q6.An investor has ICICI Bank shares in his portfolio. He wants to protect against the downside in this stock as he thinks the market may go down. What should he do?
 Buy ICICI Put Option
 Buy ICICI Call Option
 Buy Nifty futures
 Buy Bank Nifty
Q7.A spread that is designed to profit if the prices go down is called __.
 Hedge Spread
 Arbitrage Spread
 Bull Spread
 Bear Spread
Q8.The time value of an option is the difference between _____.
 its Strike price and premium
 its strike price and spot price
it's premium and spot price
it's premium and intrinsic value
Q9.In the F&O segment of NSE, one can trade in the following derivative instruments except for ____.
index-based futures
 individual stock options
index-based options
 individual warrant options
Q 10.What will be the payoff if a stock future was bought at Rs 100 and sold at Rs 87? The lot size is 1000 shares.

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