Interest Rate Derivatives Certification Examination – NISM-Series-IV

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NISM-Series-IV Interest Rate Derivatives Certification Examination – NISM-Series-IV

The exam aims to set a minimum level of knowledge for people who work in the Interest Rate Derivatives market. This will help people better understand the fixed-income securities market and interest rate derivative products, as well as the regulations and risks that come with them.

Which group is there for this exam?

The NISM Series IV: Interest Rate Derivatives exam is advised for: * Students * Industry professionals * Authorized users and sales professionals of ‘Trading Members' who trade Interest Rate Derivatives on any recognized stock exchange. * Those seeking employment in the Interest Rate Derivatives market How to make ready for NISM Interest Rate Derivatives Exam?

* pick the Right Exam and Study Material * learn the Workbook from beginning to end.

* Practice with Mocks (Practice Exams) * Visit the NISM Certifications Portal to register and enroll. * Clear the Exam

What is the NISM IV-Interest Rate Derivatives Assessment Structure?      

What are the weights by chapter for the Interest Rate Derivatives exam?            Exam advantages:

If you pass the NISM Series IV: Interest Rates Derivatives test, you'll be able to: * Understand the analytical framework required for the Bond Futures market in India, as well as the trading and hedging tactics that are involved. * Understand the basics of fixed-income securities markets in the industrialized world, particularly interest rate derivative markets. * Understand how interest rate derivatives markets work, including clearing, settlement, and risk management, as well as the operating mechanisms. * Understand the regulatory landscape. The interest rate derivatives markets operate in India.

Register and schedule an exam - So, to apply for the exam, complete these steps: * Create an account on the NISM Portal. * Login with your email and password. * Check seat availability * Book a test or enroll online. * Pay by credit card, debit card, or net banking. * Admit Card Download * Download the Study Guide

* Access Exam Results Resources for Material/Practice tests - Practicing questions is the final step in preparation. This not only helps you assess your preparation but also boosts your confidence by attempting difficult questions. While you can discover many sample papers online, our practice exams are 100% reliable. We provide you with professionally designed questions to help you sharpen your knowledge. You can look for Mock test papers at This will help you in getting familiar with the pattern of the exam and would enable you to prepare for the exam better.

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