NISM Equity Derivative Certification Exam VIII 

The NISM series VIII Equity Derivatives Certification Examination is for people who want to gain a deep understanding and practical knowledge of the various derivative products available in equity derivatives markets, regulations, and how to successfully assess the clearing and settlement mechanisms of futures and trading options.

NISM Series VIII Course Objectives: -  We hope to give best-in-class education to impart a thorough understanding of Indian equity and derivative markets through this course. If you wish to get a basic grasp of the complicated theoretical and practical aspects of clearing, settlement, risk management, and operational procedures related to derivatives and similar products, this course will be very useful.

The Advantages of Enrolling in This Course - The test educates you on the fundamentals of Indian stocks and derivatives markets, familiarises you with applicable rules, and assists you in comprehending the operation, procedure, and risk associated with trading on both the spot and futures markets.

Who Should Take the NISM Equity Derivatives Exam?

Any person who is a Proprietor / Sole Proprietor / Partner / Managing Partner / Chairman / Director / Executive Director / Full-Time Director / Chief Executive Officer and is actively engaged in the management of an Intermediary's securities business, including supervision, solicitation, and the conduct of business, and is a Proprietor / Sole Proprietor / Partner / Managing Partner / Chairman / Director / Executive Director / Whole

How can I register for the NISM Equity Derivatives Exam and enroll?

All NISM Certification Examinations can be registered and enrolled for online using the NISM Certification Portal or PrepCafe Academy's NISM Registration Services.

NISM Certification Portal Registration requires your 

* Permanent Account Number (PAN) *Copy of your PAN Card * Your photograph * Email address * Basic details As like – Name , Date of Birth,  Educational Details, Employment Details, etc. After submitting the online NISM Registration form successfully, you will receive an email with a NISM Registration Number and an activation link. To activate your NISM Account, click on the activation link. You will be able to login following activation.

Syllabus For NISM Series VIII Equity Derivatives Certification Examination 

Unit 1 - Basics of Derivatives Unit 2 - Understanding Index Unit 3 - Introduction to Forwards and Futures Unit 4 - Introduction to Options Unit 5 - Option Trading Strategies Unit 6 - Introduction to Trading Systems Unit 7 - Introduction to Clearing and Settlement System Unit 8 - Legal and Regulatory Environment Unit 9 -  Accounting and Taxation Unit 10 - Sales Practices and Investor Protection Services Assessment Structure:- The NISM-Series-VIII: ED Examination will be a 100-point exam with a 2-hour time limit. It will consist of 100 one-point questions. Negative marking will be applied to 25% of the marks assigned to a question. The examination has a passing grade of 60%.

Is it possible to get a job with a NISM certificate?

Today's market is in desperate need of NISM certified individuals, and various companies offer openings for them. You can pursue careers in investment banking, sub-broking, broker dealers, mutual fund agents, investment advisors, research analysts, and other disciplines after completing NISM.