Life Assurance Underwriting Associateship Examination-

Life Assurance Underwriting Papers is an important paper in the Associateship Exam since it covers the criteria for various life assurance plans. In today's society, life insurance is a booming industry. As a result, this not only leads to a good position, but also to a good wage in a variety of fields.

Qualifications for taking this test -  Associateship exams are only for people who have passed the Licentiate exams and are now ready to take them. This is what you need to do to be able to take the exam. Those who pass this exam (in all six subjects) will be given an Associateship Diploma.

Scoring - To qualify, the candidate must receive 50 out of a possible 100 points.

Mode of exam - Assurance Papers of the Associate Ship Exam is a paper and pen test (not a computerised one). When they take the exam, they must follow the booklet of instructions that comes with it. Candidates can only write with blue or black pens, and they have to read the booklet. It's given to them at the examination centre, and they can look at it.

Exam Format - The Associateship Examination-Life Assurance Underwriting Papers is worth a total of 100 points. This is a completely subjective style of paper, with short notes and long answer type questions dominating. There are no sectional divisions in the paper, and all of the questions are optional. Candidates must attend eight out of ten of the ten questions.

Time Limit - The time available for the Life Assurance Underwriting Papers of the Associate Level Examination is three hours. Because this is a subjective form of paper, students must compose their responses quickly or the time will run out. Books / Matrial - * Guide Book for general insurance Underwriting. (Sashi Publication) * Dr. Rakesh Agarwal published a general insurance underwriting guide for the Associateship examination.

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