Licentiate Exam (Life and Non-Life)  

Licentiate Paper is comprised of questions pertaining to the profession of Life Insurance. The examination is held in order to fill job openings at several of the biggest insurance companies. The paper discusses some of the fundamental concepts of insurance and assesses candidates' comprehension.

Importance - This paper is very important because the topics covered in the class are important for healthy insurance practises and customer service. When they write a paper, they also learn more skills and can try them out.

Exam Pattern for Licentiate paper

There are 10 questions on the paper in all. Only 8 must be answered. Each question is broken down even more, and each one is worth the same amount of points. It's only question number 1 that has 16 marks, and the rest of the questions have 12 marks. There is no penalty for failing, so students should try to answer all of the questions.

Duration and marks - The paper is worth a total of 100 points, and the candidates will be permitted a maximum of 3 hours to complete it.

Recommended books: - * Insurance Salesmanship by Ins. Institute of India * Asset Management by Ins. Institute of India