Licentiate Examination (Life and Non-Life)

These exams determine your level of expertise in the field of insurance. 1) Licentiate exam – This is a fundamental course that comprises of two mandatory exams, Principles of Insurance and Practice of Insurance (Life and Non-Life), and one optional paper from the professional exam curriculum. Licensing exams can only be passed by people who get at least 60 credit points on the two exams that are required. Licentiate exams not only have a good reputation in the insurance industry, but they also open the door to more advanced insurance agent exams, like associateship and fellowship exams, that you can take.

The Licentiate Exam Paper's Importance The Licentiate exam paper is the first step to a good job at an insurance company. It is both a must-have and a good thing to have in order to pass the test. Because the Licentiate exam opens up a lot of job opportunities for people who take it. The most obvious choice is to work as an insurance agent, but if you have other skills, you can fit in anywhere and everywhere you want. Make sure you know the main difference between life and non-life insurance if you want to be successful in this field. You need to be clear and honest about this. There are a lot of jobs in the non-life insurance field as well.

The licensure exam can be divided into two categories:  - Exam for life insurance licensure - Candidates in this category must take the following three exams:

* Principles of insurance

* Practice of life insurance

* Regulation of business insurance

* Exam for general insurance licensure   

Candidates in this category must take the following three exams

* Principles of insurance

* Regulation of business insurance

* Practice of general insurance A mock test can be quite beneficial in passing the genuine licentiate exam on the first attempt. It offers you a good picture of your strengths and shortcomings while also teaching you how to manage your time. Before you take the licentiate exam in 2021, subscribe to a good licentiate exam mock test series. The licentiate exam has a low level of difficulty. Simple MCQ questions can be attempted with ease if you have studied the workbook and understand the principles. Subjects like general insurance accounts and insurance concepts may appear challenging at first glance for students from a non-commerce background, but with consistent study and practice, they can readily master these subjects. The Insurance Institute of India's website has information on the list of subjects and credit points associated with them. This information will assist you in making the best subject choices for a good credit score. It's vital to remember that by including these qualifications in your CV, Insurance Companies will learn about your domain knowledge in this field, increasing your chances of landing your dream job.

Eligibility Criteria for the Licentiate Exam 

It's possible to take the Licentiate exam if you have passed SSC or any other test that shows you have reached the age of 18. If you want to take the CPAIM course, you must be either a graduate or an associate, or a fellow of III.

points do you need to get in order to pass - The credit point for passing the Licentiate test is 60, the credit point for Associateship is (60+190) = 250, and the credit point for Fellowship is (60+190+240) = 490.

Marks and time - There are 100 multiple choice questions on each paper.  The period for the exam is 2 hours. To qualify for Licentiate, candidates must have a 60 percent average in each course. For incorrect answers, there is no negative mark.

Negative marking - The Licentiate test is an online exam that is a little more advanced than the IRDA agents' exam. Your exam result appears on your screen once you've completed it. There are no negative points.

Licentiate exam validity- If a person was a Licentiate before May 2012, they will be considered to have passed with 60 credit points. Credits will be valid for five years from May 2012.

Recommendations for books -  1. Regulations on insurance

2. The practice of general insurance

Besides, You also know the trick - All the time, look at the Licentiate Exam Paper from the past few years and do mock tests to figure out how best to use your time. CLICK HERE TO START LICENTIATE EXAM MOCK TEST