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Licentiate exam syllabus:

The exam has two papers, Life Insurance and General Insurance. Through the Licentiate exam, one can achieve a successful career in Insurance. It is mandatory to clear this exam if one wants to pursue a career in insurance. One can become an Insurance agent by clearing this exam and it also gives many other opportunities to the aspirants. If a person knows about the difference between Life and Non- Life Insurance one can easily succeed in this field as it gives many opportunities. There are various opportunities also available in the field of non-life insurance. One can easily crack the exam by preparing through practice papers and mock tests. If you don’t know the pattern of the exam, then don’t worry, my friend here we are going to give an overview of the exam pattern. In the licentiate exam there going to be 10 questions in total and from which candidates should answer any 8 from those questions. But the first question is mandatory and carries 16 marks. And the remaining questions are 12 marks each, the exam pattern is designed to cover the entire syllabus. Each question then has sub-questions. The licentiate paper has a detailed syllabus, which has been given below. All the students who want to appear for the exams must visit the official website so that they can be up to date regarding the new notices or any change in the syllabus. Following is the list of the exam. The exam syllabus is:

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Self Insurance.
  2. Aims and Objectives of Regulations of Insurance.
  3. Asbestosis- workmen’s compensation.
  4. Case of family floater covering health insurance.
  5. Coinsurance.
  6. Concept of risks and their types.
  7. Constructive total loss
  8. Detailed essentials of a valid contract plus insurance contract.
  9. Exclusion
  10. Fidelity guarantees policy
  11. General average
  12. General insurance business
  13. Government as insurer
  14. Indemnity
  15. Insurable interest
  16. Life insurance business
  17. Management of risk
  18. Particular average
  19. Registration of brokers
  20. Reinstatement value
  21. Risk sharing and risk transfer
  22. Salvage
  23. Self-insurance
  24. Solvency
  25. Subrogation
  26. Sue and labour
  27. The Lloyds, insurance contract, and the parties involved.

Who can give the licentiate exam:

The eligibility criteria for the licentiate exam are: Any student or aspirant is eligible for the exam if he/she fulfills the following criteria:
  1. If one has completed the matriculation, SSLC or SSC, or any other equivalent exam.
  2. If he/she has worked with an insurer for a term of three years or more, either in the corporate office or in the field, before the date of application or registration.
One can easily crack the exam if they fulfill the criteria and learn the pattern of the exam by doing mock tests and practice papers. One can find all these papers at

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