Exam for Licentiate Exam Business Environment (Life & Non Life)

Insurance Certificate Business Environment is the study of an insurance agent's responsibilities and obligation to their consumers. The paper discusses their essential responsibilities and service abilities, with the goal of preparing people to work in an insurance company as insurance person.

Eligibility For Licentiate Exam Business Environment

Candidates applying for the paper must hold a bachelor's degree; additionally, candidates may apply if they can present their passing certificate at the time of enrollment but have not yet passed their final exam. Students with a non-science background will benefit from the assistance, as the questions are appropriate for their level.

Is this paper subject to any negative marking?

Since there is no negative marking and students can attempt all questions, applicants can obtain scores based on their answers. Exam Method: - The paper is standard paper, and students must answer their questions on the accompanying answer sheet.

What is the pattern of this exam?

The paper contains subjective questions, and students will also receive one question in the form of a brief letter.

General Paper Format - In the paper on insurance business management, there are 10 questions, just like in the paper from last year, which had 10 questions. These questions aren't like any kind of competitive exam. In this set of 10 questions, only 8 of them should be tried. There is only one question that is required and has short notes: the first question. Each question is worth the same.

marking scheme: -  The paper has 100 questions with the same number of points, and each question is worth the same amount.

duration of the exam: - The paper must be completed in three hours.

Book recommendations: - * Asset Management by Insurance Institute of India * Insurance Salesmanship by Insurance Institute of India