IC90 HRM Practice Mock

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Q1.Job appraisal is the part of____
   a) Sociology
   b) Anthropology
   c) Psychology
   d) Political science
Q2.Filters that affect the content of a message are in
   a) the medium of communication
   b) the mind of the listener
   c) the minds of both the speaker and the listener
   d) the mind of the speaker
Q3.______ means acceptance of one's position and trying to do one's best therein, without being over-anxious about the consequences thereof oneself, either as a reward or as punishment.
   a) Equanimity
   b) Assertiveness
   c) Contentment
   d) Other-certeredness
Q 4. Today's managers understand that the success of any effort at improving quality and productivity must include __.
   a) Quality management programs
   b) Customer service improvements
   c) Employee's participation
   d) Manufacturing simplification
Q5.By using which of the following methods, problems of communication can be overcome?
  a) Knowing expectations of the audience
   b) Using vivid language
   c) Provides opportunities for feedback
   d) All of the above
Q6.The group is formed by an organization to accomplish a narrow range of purposes within a specified time
   a) Formal Group
   b) Task Group
   c) Interest Group
   d) Functional Group
Q7.Hawthrone experiment which was a real beginning of applied research in OB was conducted by
   a) Elton Mayo
   b) Henry Fayol
   c) F.W. Taylor
   d) Max Weber
Q8.According to Need Hierarchy Theory, the human needs are:
   a) Limited
   b) Unpredictable
   c) Unlimited
   d) All of these
Q9.is a person's belief about his chances of successfully accomplishing a specific task
  a) Self-esteem
   b) Job satisfaction
  c) Self-efficacy
  d) Self-appraisal
Q10.Who is the father of Quality control circles?
   a) Lewin
   b) Ishikawa
   c) Udpa
   d) None of these

IC90 HRM Practice Mock- Click Here

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