IC90 HRM Mock Series

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IC90 HRM Mock Series- Click Here

Q1.What is NOT true about organizational grapevines?
   The grapevine is richer in content than formal communication and allows for immediate feedback and clarification
   The grapevine satisfies personal needs not met by formal channels
   Rumors comprise only a small proportion of the information on the grapevine
   grapevine communication is made up of rumors only
Q2.HRM Denotes:
   Human Relations Management
   Human Resources Management
   human Required Management
   None of the above
Q 3.Who proposed “ bureaucratic structure” is suitable for all organization
   Elton Mayo
   Henry Fayol
   F.W. Taylor
   Max Weber
Q4.Adding more responsibility, providing wider scope, greater sequencing, and minimizing controls, all constitute
   Job enlargement
   Job expansion
   Job design
   Job enrichment
Q5.Which of the following is/are considered as resource/s in management?
   All of the above
Q6.Mr.Dinesh has a job that pays an excellent salary. He has a good relationship with his peers and his supervisors. He also likes the fact that the company policy fits well with what he personally believes, and that he has received considerable recognition for his achievements at the company. Which of these factors is 'MOST likely' responsible for the fact that Dirash loves his job?
   High compensation
   Good nature of peer relationships
   Good nature of supervisor relationships
   Recognition for his achievements
Q7.Communication that flows from top to bottom is known as
   Outward Communication
   Inward Communication
   Upward Communication
   Downward Communication
Q8.What do we call it when we judge someone on the basis of our perception?
   Halo effect
Q9.According to Herzberg motivation-hygiene theory which one of the following is a motivating factor
   Job security
   Work itself
   company policy
   Interpersonal relations characters
Q10.What are the ways by which an individual can reduce stress?
   By practicing yoga
   By perusal of hobby
   Delegating of task
   All of the above

IC90 HRM Mock Series- Click Here

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