IC90 HRM Mock Test

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Q1.___ refers to the basic changes in the content and responsibilities of the job so as to satisfy higher motivational needs
   Job enrichment
   Job enlargement
   Work relocation
   Process consultation
Q2.During the selection process, which of the below is intended to test behavioral characteristics like dominance, tolerance, adaptability, adjustability, aggression, economical characteristics, etc?
   Psychological test
   Physiological test
   Intelligent quotient
   In basket
Q3.Human relation theory was developed by
   Frederic Herzberg
   Elton Mayo
   Kurt Lewin
Q4.Maslow's hierarchy of needs is based on which premise?
   All humans acquire a similar set of motives through genetic endowment and social interaction.
   Some motives are more basic or critical than others
   The more basic motives must be satisfied to a minimum level before other motives are activated
   As the basic motives become satisfied, more advanced motives come into play
Q5.Informal communication network within the organization is known as __
   interpersonal communication.
   intrapersonal communication
   mass communication.
Q6.In business, oral communication is suitable for
   recording things
   discussing things
   confusing workers
   delaying the decision-making process
Q7.Grapevine communication is associated with __communication.
Q8.___is a statement about the purpose, scope, duties, and responsibilities of a job.
   Job analysis
   Job description
   Job Specification
   Job evaluation
Q9.In which stage of the conflict process does conflict become visible?
Q10.Which of the following characteristic refers to the genuineness or the bonafide in the behavior of the members?

IC90 HRM Mock Test- Click Here

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