IC90 HRM Exam Questions

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IC90 HRM Exam Questions- Click Here

Q1.Two factor theory was given by
   a) Abraham Maslow
   b) Fredrick Herzberg
   c) Chester Bernard
   d) All of these
Q2.Line Organisation is a type of organization in which :
   a) Functions are arranged on Departmental lines
  b) There is a direct vertical Senior- Subordinate relationship line
   c) Functions are arranged on specialist lines
   d) Functions are arranged on Specialist and Departmental lines
Q3.The leaders that follow separated(1.1) are also called_____.
   a) Team managers
   b) Country club
   c) Impoverished
   d) Autocratic
Q4.Who propounded the X and Y theory of motivation
   a) Maslow
   b) F. Herzberg
   c) Alderfer
   d) Mc Gregor
Q5.From among the strategies for dealing with conflict management,______ is the only win-win strategy while strategy wile all others are win-lose strategies.
   a) Compromise strategy
   b) Competition strategy
   c) Collaboration strategy
   d) Accommodation strategy
Q6.Maslow's hierarchy of needs includes all EXCEPT which of the following?
   a) Cognition
   b) Physiological
   c) Safety
   d) belongingness
Q7.----------- is a reality and practically oriented part of thinking
   a) Ego
  b) Superego
   c) Negative ego
   d) Id
Q8.Which of the following is/are not a method of managing stress
   a) Time management
   b) Supervisor training
   c) Role Analysis techniques (RAT)
   d) Rorschach test
Q9.Which theories equate man with his brain?
   a) Organismic Theories
   b) Mechanistic or Behaviourist Theories
   c) Cognitive Theories
   d) Humanistic Theories
Q10.Managerial grid was given by
   a) Reusis Likert
   b) Blake and Mouton
   c) Curt Lewin
   d) All of these

IC90 HRM Exam Questions- Click Here

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