IC90 Exam Questions

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Q1.Scientific Management approach is developed by
   a) Elton Mayo
   b) Henry Fayol
   c) F. W. Taylor
   d) A. Maslow
Q2.The official record of the proceeding of a meeting is known as _
   a) agenda.
   b) minutes.
   c) prospectus.
   d) report.
Q3.The first step in a training program is to
  a) assess the program's successes or failures
   b) present the program to a small test audience
   c) design the program content
   d) conduct a need analysis
Q 4.Theory Y approximates to
   a) employee orientation
   b) Employment orientation
   c) Production orientation
   d) Input orientation
Q5.Need that are satisfied externally, physiological and safety needs are
   a) Lower level need
  b) Higher-order need
   c) Both a and b
   d) None of these
Q6.---------- barriers are related to the misunderstanding that arises between superiors and subordinates
   a) Semantic
   b) Physical
   c) Technological
   d) Interpersonal
Q7.Which one of the following needs is not coming under Mc Clelland's theory of motivation?
   a) Need for power
   b) Need for achievement
   c) Need for affiliation
   d) Need for actualization
Q8.Process or administrative theory of organization is being given by
   a) Elton Mayo
   b) Henry Fayol
   c) F.W. Taylor
   d) Max Weber
Q9.____helps to Understand different functions of the organization.
   a) Job nature.
   b) Job rotation.
   c) Job revolution.
   d) Job enhancement.
Q10.The extent to which individuals consistently regard themselves as capable, worthy, successful, etc. is
  a) Self-esteem
   b) Authoritarianism
   c) Tolerance for ambiguity
   d) Workhollism

IC90 Exam Questions- Click Here

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