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Q1.___ can be seen as the opposite of insurance securitization.
   Spread Loss Covers
   Capital Markets
   Retrospective Finite Risk
Q2.Identify the factor(s) which are taken into account while determining the total cost of risk - 1. The cost of any risk control measures 2. The cost of injury or damage 3. The cost of handling and settling the loss
   Only 1
   Both 2 and 3
   Both 1 and 2
   All 1,2 and 3
   Only 3
Q3.Techniques and approaches like Study and Enquiry, Physical inspections, Checklists, Flow Charts, etc. are used for ____ of risks?
Q4.Which of the following ambitions is an organization's capability to generate net income?
   Good Balance Sheet
   Stability of earnings
   Continuity of operations
Q5.A business faces the possibility that it will be held legally liable for property damage or personal injuries suffered by others - Identify what type of loss exposure is this?
   Common Loss Exposure
   Property Loss Exposure
   Liability Loss Exposure
   Personnel Loss Exposure
   Net Income Loss Exposure
Q6.Identify which is NOT an example of Funded Traditional Contingent Capital tool?
   Income / Asset swaps
   Banking products
   Contingent debt
Q7.The process of Risk Management involves either - 1. Preventing losses 2. Minimizing losses 3. Paying for those losses which will inevitably occur
   Only 1
   Only 2
   Both 1 and 2
   Both 2 and 3
   All 1,2 and 3
Q8.Which of these are the aftermaths of a disaster? 1. The interruption period is quite long 2. Property damage 3. Substantial loss to life
   Only 1 and 2
   Only 2 and 3
   Only 1 and 3
   Only 3
   All 1, 2 and 3
Q9.CAT bonds, Credit securitization, Weather derivatives, and Finite risk products - these are examples of ___. 1. Risk Retention Groups 2. Alternatives to insurance products 3. Insurance products
   Only 1
   Only 2
   Only 3
   Both 1 and 3
   All 1,2 and 3
Q10.In respect to the risk triangle which shows the degrees of risks, the apex or tip of the degree of this triangle indicates that there may be a small number of risks that may have the most devastating effect so that it will make it impossible for the business to achieve any of its targets. What are such risks termed as?
  Organizational Risks
   Catastrophe Risks
   Minor Risks
   Moderate Risks
   Major Risks

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