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Q1.The maximum contribution an employer can pay to Super Annulation Fund the scheme as a percentage of the salaries of the employees is:
   a) 15%
   b) 12%
   c) 10%
  d) 27% minus a percentage of PF contribution being paid by the employer
Q2.Which scheme offers both defined benefit and defined contribution sections or benefits that are the greater of two amounts?
   a) Pay as you go pension scheme
   b) Hybrid schemes
   c) Defined Benefit scheme
   d) Defined Contribution scheme
Q3.Riders are added on the base policy. Say whether True or False.
   a) True
   b) False
Q4.The upper ceiling of the Investment Management Fees has been fixed at ___ p.a. of the Asset Under Management with effect from 1.11.2012
   a) 0.05%
   b) 0.10%
   c) 0.25%
   d) 0.50%
Q5.How many PPF accounts can be opened in one name?
   a) One
   b) Two
   c) Three
   d) Five
Q6.In the context of group insurance,____ refers to setting a premium rate for the future coverage period by reflecting a group past experience, to the extent that it is credible and is expected to continue into the future.
   a) Retrospective Experience Rating
   b) Prospective Experience Rating
   c) Pure Risk Premium
   d) Expenses
Q7.Who may, without reference to the Central Board, sanction expenditure on contingencies, supplies and services, and purchase of articles required for administering the Insurance Fund, subject to financial provision?
   a) Agent
   b) Prinicipal
   c) Commissioner
   d) Customer
Q8.The cost of a benefit plan depends on which of the following?
   a) The level of benefits granted
   b) The actual financial experience of the Scheme
   c) The actual scheme membership
   d) All of the above
Q9.Which of the following is a government-backed pension scheme in India targeted at the unorganized sector?
  a) Atal pension yojana
   b) National pension system
  c) Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima yojana
   d) Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana
Q10.In those cases of EDLI Claims where the date of death of a member has occurred prior to 1.9.2014, the benefits will be regulated on the basis of the wage ceiling limit of __ per month.
   a) Rs.5000
   b) Rs.6500
   c) Rs.15000
   d) Rs.25000

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