Q1.In a voluntary plan, once they have satisfied this probationary period, they must join the scheme within a minimum stipulated period say ____, or otherwise have to provide some evidence of insurability.
   a) 30 days
   b) 45 days
   c) 50 days
   d) 60 days
Q2.In case the employee is not paid his due amount of gratuity, in which' from' does the employee needs to submit an application to an employer?
   a) Form I
   b) Form II
   c) Form III
   d) Form IV
Q3. Which of the following is a net return and it comprises of interest, dividend and other revenue derived from the plan assets and any realized or unrealized gain on the plan assets?
   a) Current service cost
   b) Interest Costs
   c) Expected Return on Plan Assets
   d) Actuarial Gain or loss
Q4.Which schemes guarantee benefits based typically on final pensionable salary and years of service since joining the scheme etc., if the underlying investments of a defined benefit scheme underperform, then the employer may have to pay more money into the scheme to honor the guarantee?
   a) Employer to Decide
   b) Superannuation
   c) Defined Benefit Schemes
   d) Economic Schemes
Q5.In the context of NPS, Asset Class C predominantly invests in Corporate Bonds
   a) TRUE
   b) FALSE
Q6.The conversion option is normally restricted to lives accepted at the group standard rates. Say whether True or False.
   a) True
   b) False
Q7.In case of accidental death of full disability, the payment of the nominee will be ____ in Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna,
   a) Rs.1,00,000
   b) Rs.2,00,000
   c) Rs.2,50,000
   d) Rs.3,00,000
Q8.The maximum deposit of ___ can be made in a Public Provident Fund Scheme in any given financial year.
  a) Rs.25,000
  b) Rs.50,000
  c) Rs.75,000
  d) 150,000/-
Q9.What refers to all such services, amenities, and facilities to the employees that improve their working conditions as well as standard of living?
   a) Labour welfare
   b) Gratuity
   c) Share premium
   d) Free Reserves
Q10.The accumulated fund may be very small if
   a) the member has a short period of service or is young
   b) the contributions rates to the scheme are low
   c) investment returns have been poor
   d) All of the above

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