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Q1.Hemorrhagic Septicemia can occur in which of the following forms
   a) Cutaneous
   b) Pulmonary
   c) Intestinal
   d) All of the above
Q2.The Brazilian market was opened up to the competition in __, and the IRB was registered as a local reinsurer, IRB-Brasil Resseguros S.A.
   a) 2002
   b) 2003
   c) 2005
   d) 2007
Q3.In 1997, a new experimental scheme _____ was introduced during the (rabi 1997-98) season which was implemented in 14 districts of five states.
   a) Pilot Crop Insurance Scheme
   b) Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme
   c) Experimental Crop Insurance Scheme
   d) Farm Income Insurance Scheme
Q4.For Permanent Total Disability due to accident how much amount will be provided under Gramin Personal Accident Policy?
   a) Rs.5,000
   b) Rs.10,000
   c) Rs.15,000
   d) Rs.20,000
Q5.As per the National Agriculture Insurance Scheme provisions, three levels of indemnity have been fixed. They are ____ corresponding to high, medium, and low-risk crops.
   a) 50%, 60%, 70%
   b) 60%, 70%, 80%
   c) 60%, 80%, 90%
   d) 50%, 70%, 90%
Q6.Location or Choice of the sector will determine the nature of the crop insurance product. Say whether True or False.
   a) True
   b) False
Q7.______is not exclusion under Foetus (unborn calf) insurance scheme.
  a) Poor quality of the embryo
   b) Unskillful h and ling of embryo
   c) Death of embryo due administration of steroids
   d) Induced abortion carried out under veterinary advice to save the mother
Q8.National Agriculture Insurance Scheme is available to
   a) Only 10 States
   b) Only 20 States
   c) All states and Union Territories
   d) Only to Union Territories
Q9.In Horse/Pony/ Donkeys Insurance Scheme, the age group should be 2 years to 8 years, But for horses and donkeys maximum age is up to ____ by payment of extra premium.
   a) 10 years
   b) 15 years
   c) 20 years
   d) 25 years
Q10.The post-Independence history of Indian agriculture can be broadly grouped into ____ which showcases the pah covered by the sector.
   a) One period
   b) Two periods
   c) Three periods
   d) Four periods

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