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Q1.Single Buoy Mooring is also known as ___.
   a) Single Point Mooring
   b) Single Price Mooring
   c) Single Period Mooring
   d) Single Paid Mooring
Q2.There are Thirteen Protection and Indemnity Clubs are there which collectively ensure ____ of the world fleet.
   a) 75%
   b) 80%
   c) 90%
   d) 95%
Q3._____ of the Marine Insurance Act, 1967 states that an insurer under a contract of marine insurance has an insurable interest in his risk and may reinsure in respect of it.
   a) Section 7
   b) Section 8
   c) Section 9
   d) Section 10
Q4.Which is a type of pleasure craft used by wealthy owners for their private pleasure purpose and these crafts are capable of developing high speeds, usually more than 15 knots?
   a) Barges
   b) Tugs
   c) Yacht
   d) Fishing boat
Q5.A Ship Repairers Liability Insurance (SRL) protect the ship repairer:
   a) Against legal liability arising out of contracts
   b) Arising out of negligent act or omission
   c) Whilst carrying out repairs/refurbishment to vessels
   d) All of the above
Q6.In the case of _____, the value fixed by the policy represents the agreed insured value of the freight insured.
   a) Valued policies
   b) Unvalued policies
Q7.__ of the Marine Insurance Act, 1963 states that expenses incurred by or on behalf of the assured for the safety or preservation of the subject-matter insured, other than GA and Salvage Charges, are called particular charges.
   a) Section 64 (1)
   b) Section 64 (2)
   c) Section 64 (3)
   d) Section 64 (4)
Q8. The Other than Total Loss element of the risk is mainly determined by the size of the ship. It is fixed as a certain amount, say __ multiplied by the DWT of the Vessel, or the GT or the BHP depending upon the type of Vessel.
   a) Rs.25/-
   b) Rs.50/-
   c) Rs.100/-
   d) Rs.150/-
Q9.Proof of shipment is evidenced by
   a) Bill of Lading
   b) Bill of Exchange
   c) Bill of Treasury
   d) None of the above
Q10.The buoy Body usually is supported on static legs attached to the seabed, with a rotating part above water level connected to the loading tanker, and the two sections are linked by a roller bearing, referred to as the _____.
   a) Regular bearing
   b) Repair bearing
  c) the Main bearing
   d) None of these

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