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Q1.The legal doctrine of proximate cause applies equally to exceptions under which policy?
   a) Insured perils
   b) Uninsured perils
   c) Excluded perils
   d) None of these
Q2.____ is to ascertain and apply the intention of the parties as expressed in the contract, for the contract is the final form in which the original intentions of the parties have been incorporated.
   a) Rules of construction
   b) Object of construction
   c) Regulations of construction
   d) Condition of construction
Q3.Which condition provides every notice and other communication to the company required by these conditions must be printed or written?
​_  a) Condition 10
   b) Condition 12
   c) Condition 14
   d) Condition 15
Q4.Which of the following is an example of excluded perils?
   a) Fire
   b) Lighting
  c) Forest fire, war, and warlike perils
   d) None of these
Q5.Which of the below statement is correct with regard to a fire policy?
  a) The fire policy excludes bush fire as well as a forest fire
  b) The fire policy covers bush fire as well as a forest fire
  c) The fire policy covers forest fire but excludes bush-fire
   d) The fire policy covers bush fire excludes forest fire
Q6.Under the principle of Contribution, Calculate the Claim payable by each Policy of Total Claim admissible?
   a) X =Rs.4,000 , Y = Rs.2,000, Total = Rs.6,000
   b) X =Rs.3,000 , Y = Rs.3,000, Total = Rs.6,000
   c) X =Rs.2,000 , Y = Rs.4,000, Total = Rs.6,000
   d) X =Rs.5,000 , Y = Rs.1,000, Total = Rs.6,000
Q7.There should be ____, which means the presence of flames is a pre-requisite. Thus, mere damage by smoke, heating, scorching or charring, without actual burning is not considered a fire.
   a) Ignition
   b) Accident
   c) Legal cases
   d) Consideration
Q8.In some cases, ___ may be available for disposal and the loss amount therefore will be settled with the insured after deduction of the salvage value of the affected property.
   a) Pro-rata average
   b) Deduction of excess
   c) Value of salvage
   d) Extent of indemnity
Q9.Given below are the primary duties of a surveyor. Identify the incorrect option.
  a) To investigate the causes of loss
   b) To ascertain the extent of loss
  c) To advise the insured on loss maximization measures and destruction of salvage
   d) To advise the insurers on disposal of salvage
Q10.What is the significance of Condition 11 in a fire insurance policy?
   a) If the same property is covered by more than one policy. then the claim will be shared in proportion
  b) This policy shall be voidable in the event of misrepresentation, misdescription or non-disclosure in any material particular
   c) Every notice and other communication to the company required by these conditions must be written or printed
  d) Any dispute or difference as to the quantum to be paid under the policy shall, independently of all other questions, be referred to arbitration

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