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Q1.Which of the Following Health Insurance Products, pay for Actual Medical Expenses, incurred due to Hospitalization? I. Indemnity-Cover. II. Fixed Benefits-Cover.
   a) Only I.
   b) Only II.
   c) Both: I and II.
  d) Neither I Nor II.
Q2.Which One of the Following is an Example of Permanent Total Disability (P.T.D.)?
   a) Paralysis of All Four Limbs.
   b) Loss of Fingers.
   c) Loss of Phalanges.
   d) Loss of Toes.
Q3.What is the primary purpose of insurance regulations?
   a) To generate fee income
   b) Protect the interests of policyholders
   c) To settle customer disputes
   d) To control the market share of private insurers
Q4.A fire policy for commercial risks covers the perils of __
   a) Explosion
   b) Implosion
   c) Both of the above
   d) None of the above
Q5.Label the Document, that is used, to lay down the terms of the Insurance Contract, when it is bought. Choose the Most Appropriate Option.
   a) Policy
   b) Agreement
   c) Authorisation
   d) Endorsement
Q6.Intimation of loss is to be made:
   a) at the exact time of the loss
   b) after 15 days
   c) as soon as reasonably possible
   d) any time after the loss
Q7.The Premium, Charged for the Stored-Goods' Insurance, is Notand nbsp; Dependent on the Following Parameters:
   a) Extent of Applicable Threat
   b) Nature of Goods- Stored
   c) Assumed Profit on Sale of Such Goods
   d) Time of the Year
Q8.The main purpose of a proposal form is to
   a) gather material facts
   b) outline policy exclusions
   c) provide evidence of cover
   d) detail the amount of premium required
Q9.Which of these statements is correct.(1) Subrogation under common law is implied in a contract of indemnity. (2) Subrogation under common law arises only after payment of a loss
   a) Statement 1 is True
   b) Statement 2 is True
   c) Both are correct
   d) Both are incorrect
Q10.Rajesh takes a Health Insurance Policy of Rs 4 lacs from Insurance company ABC and has another health policy of Rs 5 lacs from another company ABC. He undergoes Liver Transplantation and the total cost was Rs 4 lacs. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
   a) Rajesh can claim for 4 lakhs from each Insurer
   b) Rajesh cannot make a claim of Rs 4 lakhs from each Insurer
   c) Rajesh will get a total claim of Rs 8 lakh since he has taken two policies
  d) Rajesh will get 5 Lakhs from ABC since this policy has the highest Sum Insured
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