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Q1.Which Section of Jeweller's Block Policy, covers the Losses or Damages, under the Conditions, where, the Property, mentioned in Insurance, is in the Custody of the Insured and Other Specified Person?
   a) Section 1
   b) Section 2
   c) Section 3
   d) Section 4
Q2.Which among the following is not an element of active listening?
   a) Paying good attention
   b) Being extremely judgemental
   c) Empathetic listening
   d) Responding appropriately
Q3.A customer has a complaint regarding his insurance policy can approach IRDA through
   a) IGMS
   b) District Consumer Forum
   c) Ombudsman
   d) IGMS or District Consumer Forum or Ombudsman
Q4.Adverse selection refers to
   a) Selection of adversities
   b) Selection of losses
   c) Selection of risks
   d) Selection of high risk at low cost
Q5.Insurance is based on Transfer of Risk to the ___.
   a) Agent
   b) Insured
   c) Insurer
   d) Profit
Q6.Reserves for Outstanding Claims fall under the heading
   a) Accounting reserves
   b) Technical Reserves
   c) Unexpired Premium
   d) Asset Liability reserves
Q7.Which of the following factors does not affect the morbidity of an Individual?
   a) Gender
   b) Spouse Job
   c) Habits
   d) Residence Location
Q8.Protection Against the Damages, caused by Fire, can be covered by Insurance, for a Duration up to ____.
   a) 6 Months
   b) One Year
   c) Five Years
   d) Life-Time
Q9.In the Case of Motor Policies, a ___ provides Evidence of Insurance, in the Cases, where Proof may be required.
   a) Cover-Note
   b) Certificate of Insurance
   c) Warranty Document
   d) Endorsement Document
Q10.Who of the Following, cannot take an Insurance Policy? (a) An Adult Individual, for Self. (b) An Adult Individual, for Family. (c) A Minor, for Self. (d) An Employer, for All Workers.
   a) Only Option-(a) is Correct.
   b) Only Option-(b) is Correct.
  c) Only  Option-(c) is Correct.
   d) Only Option-(d) is Correct.

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