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Q1.Insurance-Surveyors and Loss-Assessors Regulations, Act, was formulated in the Year: _____.
   a) 2000
   b) 1996
   c) 2003
   d) 1992
Q2.In shop keepers insurance, which of the following are not covered?
   a) Machinery breakdown
   b) Malicious damage
   c) Business interruption
   d) Willful destruction by insured
Q3.___ is a representative of the insurance company and is governed by the principal-agent relationship.
   a) Insurance agent
   b) Broker
   c) Banks
   d) Underwriter
Q 4. The purpose of the deductible clause is to:
   a) To avoid claim payment
  b) To eliminate the payment of small claims
   c) To harass the policyholder
   d) To increase the premium
Q5.Mr.Shenoy wants to have a health insurance plan for his family and for his aged parents. Which plan will suit his requirements?
   a) Group Family health insurance plan
   b) Family floater health insurance plan
   c) Family Health benefit plan
   d) Family health insurance plan
Q6.Which insurance relates to the installation of plant or machinery?
   a) Computer Insurance
   b) Erection All Risks Policy
   c) Machinery Breakdown
   d) Electronic Equipment Insurance
Q7.Which of the below can be covered under a banker's indemnity insurance policy?
   a) Money securities lost or damaged whilst within the premises due to fire
   b) Forgery or alteration of cheques
   c) Dishonesty of employees with reference to money
   d) All of the above
Q8.Which One of the Following Bodies, has prescribed the Regulations for Protecting the Interests of Policy-Holders, stipulating the Obligations on Both: Insurers as well as Intermediaries?
   a) Life Insurance Council and General Insurance Council, Jointly.
  b) Policy-Holders' Association of India (P.A.I.).
   c) Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (I.R.D.A.I.)
   d) Life Insurance Corporation (L.I.C.) of India and General Insurance Corporation (G.I.C.) of India, Jointly.
Q9.Which One of the Following, is a Central Repository of Insurance Grievance Data?
   a) National Commission
   b) Ombudsman
   c) Integrated Grievance- Management-System (I.G.M.S.)
   d) State Commission
Q10.Which of the following activities can be classified as promotion?
   a) Product development
   b) Quality control
   c) Product advertisement
   d) Product benchmarking

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