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Q1.While processing the life insurance application, which of the following helps in minimizing the risk of mis-selling by the different distributing channels?
 Proposal form.
 Reference call.
 Insurance agent.
 Medical certificate.
 Financial documentation.
Q2.Which of the following are included in the underwriting manuals?
 Extra mortality rates for all possible medical conditions.
 Description of various impairments.
Medical documentation.
 Only (b) & (c)
 All (a),(b)&(c)
Q3.Risk tolerance in an insurance company depends on the__.
 Trained underwriters.
 Documentation of the clients.
 Available risk capital.
 Agent’s confidential report.
 Reinsurance Company.
Q4.Based on the rating estimated by the underwriter, which one of the following decisions is not taken by him?
 Decline the risk.
 Postpone the risk.
 Acceptance of the risk.
 Accept the risk with special terms.
 None of the above.
Q5.In the underwriting department who manages and controls the administration of various activities and sub-activities other than technical underwriting?
 Core underwriting team.
 Underwriting support team.
Third-party administrators.
 The medical director.
 The chief medical officer.
Q6.Which of the following diseases is not related to the thyroid gland?
 None of the above.
Q7.Name the blood vessels that return the deoxygenated blood to the heart?
 Coronary arteries.
Q8.____ has clear guidelines for the reinsurers that include the objectives and the scope of their business in India.
 Reinsurance Company.
Q9.Which part is the reservoir for storing the urine until it is ready to be discharged from the body?
 Urinary bladder.
Q10.If The Presence Of Albumin In The Urine Sample Is Between 30-300mg/Day, Then It Is Known As
 all of the above

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