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Q1.The outer lighter colored part of the kidney is called the __.
 Renal pelvis.
Q2.What is the main cause of disability or death for people with Type 2 diabetes in industrialized countries?
 Diabetic nephropathy.
 Cardiovascular disease.
Q3.In the insurance sector what helps to reduce the liability of the direct insurer to a large extent?
 Extra premium.
 Income stability of the insured.
 Profit retained.
Q 4.In insurance underwriting for Asthma, which historical information is important to be obtained by Life Assured?
 History of hospitalization.
 Frequency and severity of attacks.
 Limitations of functional capacity.
 All the above.
Q5.____Reinsurance Arrangements Permit The Direct Insurance Cos To Purchase Reinsurance Without The Time And Expense Of An Uw Review By The Reinsurer.
Q6.Which ear disorder is a sensorineural hearing loss with some conductive components especially seen in old age?
 Acute otitis.
 Chronic otitis.
Q7.Which of the following is the most common nose disorder among the population?
 Nasal polyps.
 Deviated nasal septum.
 Smell and taste disorder.
Q8.For decision making, underwriters follow which of the following methods? (i) Numerical rating method. (ii) Judgment method. (iii) Statistical data method.
 Only (iii)
 Only (i)
 Only (i) & (iii)
 Only (i) & (ii)
 Only (ii) & (iii)
Q9.In The Spinal Cord _____ Transmits Sensory Information From Body Organs And External Stimuli To The Brain
 Ascending Nerves Tract
 Descending Nerves Tract
 Central Nervous System
 Peripheral Nervous System
none of the above
Q10.Which among below is not a limitation of judgment method of insurance underwriting?
 It was found to be inconsistent and very subjective, depending upon the expertise of the underwriter.
 The method of risk classification was found to be inconsistent and very scientific.
The method uses mortality ratings as the basis for the selection and classification of lives.
 Both (a) & (b)
 None of the above.

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