Health Insurance Plan As the saying goes Health is wealth. It means our health must be in our top priority list and it should never be compromised.  Health insurance plan is becoming more popular with the passage of time and people are becoming more health conscious. They want to protect themselves and their near and dear ones. People buy the health policy to tackle the risk of unforeseen medical emergencies as well as getting tax benefit. In taking medical policy health insurance agent plays vital role and work as a bridge between insurance company and insured or the person who want to buy the health plan.

Health Insurance Agent Health insurance agent plays an important role in selling the policy.  He convinces the customer for taking the health insurance policy.  He represents the interest of only one insurance company. Health insurance agent are trained and licensed by IRDA, but he/she is not liable if there is a dispute between the policy holder and insurance company, or in case of any damage etc. unless he uses any wrong practices.

Required skill for Health Insurance Agent To  become  an agent of health insurance Company, a person has to clear an exam.  He is required to have sound knowledge of company’s health insurance policies.  Sometimes they are provided with in-house training by the insurance company.

Eligibility for Health Insurance Agent To become a life Insurance Agent a person has to pass IRDAI IC 38 pre-recruitment qualification exam. Syllabus for Health Insurance Agent Exam.

  1. Understanding insurance
  2. Providing technical product information
  3. Providing professional advice
  4. Understanding claims
  5. Fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements
  6. Understanding customer protection and ethics

Health Insurance Agent Exam Pattern

  1. In this test 50 Multiple Choice Questions are presented and questions are asked and candidate has to mark the correct answer.
  2. To complete the test one hour is given to the candidate.
  3. Each question carries one mark.
  4. There is no negative marking for wrong answers.
  5. To qualify the exam the candidate has to get 35% marks.
Apart from it, Insurance Institutes of India conducts health insurance agent exam that is called pre -recruitment test. It issues certificate and diplomas to the eligible candidates within two month from the date of declaration of result provided candidate has submitted relevant election forms.  The institute also introduced a one year Postgraduate Diploma in Health Insurance course in collaboration with the University of Mumbai through autonomous department of Economics.

Eligibility for Health Insurance Agent Exam XII passed candidate are required for obtaining certificate and Diploma and Graduate is required for doing Post Graduate Diploma in Health Insurance. Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance also have the facility to award the certificate program in Health Insurance to the candidates that is called CPHI-Certificate Program in Health Insurance. The certificate program is designed to build competencies in the area. Duration of the course is two week. Candidate are trained in various parts of the insurance like customer serving, selling skill etc. The institute has branches throughout the country.