HRM Mock Test IC90

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Q1.Theory Y approximates to:
   a) Employee orientation
   b) Employment orientation
   c) Production orientation
   d) Input orientation
Q2.___is an attempt through a formal program to integrate employees needs and wellbeing with the intention of improved productivity, better involvement, and satisfaction
  a) Quality of Work-life
   b) Quality Circle
   c) Alternative Work schedule
   d) Job Redesign
Q3.Managerial orientation of Supportive Model of OB is
   a) Authority
   b) Money
   c) Support
   d) Teamwork
Q4.Hawthrone experiment which was a real beginning of applied research in OB was conducted by
   a) Elton Mayo
   b) Henry Fayol
   c) F.W. Taylor
   d) Max Weber
Q5.While there are several ways of motivating employees of work situation, which of the following are common incentives frequently used in organizations?
   a) Job Rotation
   b) Participative Management
   c) Appreciation
   d) Any of the above
Q6.The word HRD relates to:
   a) Human Relations Development
   b) Human Relations Department
   c) Human Resources Development
   d) None of the above
Q7.Mr.Dinesh has a job which pays an excellent salary. He has a good relationship with his peers and his supervisors. He also likes the fact that the company policy fits well with what he personally believes, and that he has received considerable recognition for his achievements at the company. Which of these factors is 'MOST likely' responsible for the fact that Dirash loves his job?
   a) High compensation
   b) Good nature of peer relationships
   c) Good nature of supervisor relationships
   d) Recognition for his achievements
Q8.___refers to the ways in which, members of group experience the working environment?
   a) Values
   b) Climate
   c) Culture
   d) Organisation development
Q9.The official record of the proceeding of a meeting is known as _
   a) agenda.
   b) minutes.
   c) prospectus.
   d) report.
Q10.____ is the systematic process of analyzing and evaluating jobs to determine their relative worth in an organization
   a) Job analysis
   b) Job design
   c) Job evaluation
   d) Job enrichment

HRM Mock Test IC90-Click Here

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