HRM IC90 Mock Test

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Q1.Factors other than the satisfaction that impact one’s decision to leave a current job includes all of the following EXCEPT:
  Labor market conditions
   Length of tenure with the organization
   Organizational citizenship behavior
   Expectations about alternative job opportunities
Q2.What sort of goals does Management By Objectives (MBO) emphasize?
  Tangible, verifiable, and measurable
  Achievable, controllable, and profitable
  Challenging, emotional, and constructive
  Hierarchical, attainable, and effective
Q3.Communication in an organization should ideally flow_
   from top to bottom.
   from bottom to top.
   both ways.
Q4.What does the word 'Kickback' suggest?
  It is ethical to pay a commission
  There is something with the payment of a commission
  Earning profit while doing business is ethical
  Earning profit while doing favors to neighbors is ethical
Q5.What is the name of the theory that deals with how we explain behavior differently depending on the meaning we assign to the actor?
   behavioral theory
   judgment theory
   selective perception theory
   attribution theory
Q6.Working conditions, organizational policies, interpersonal relations all of come under which factors of job satisfaction as proposed by Herzberg
   Hygiene factors
Q7.Maslow’s “basic needs” are also known as
   Social needs
   Esteem needs
   Safety needs
   Physiological needs
Q8.Apprenticeship training is a type of ____
   On the Job Training
  The Job training
   Simulation training
   None of the above
Q9.When a bank robber points a gun at a bank employee, his base of power is:
Q10.___is a programming framework that supports the processing of a large amount of data in a widely distributed working environment.

HRM IC90 Mock Test- Click Here

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