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Q1.Which dimension of an individual's personality relates to the use of physical strengths, stamina, and coordination?
   a) Physiological dimension
   b) Psychological dimension
   c) Social dimension
   d) Economic dimension
Q2.Which of the following is/are OD intervention techniques
   a) Sensitivity training
   b) MBO
  c) Quality of work-life
   d) All the above
Q3.Answer with regards to counseling skills.__means helping the client to through his own thought and examine the matter fully.
   a) Intervention
   b) Empathy
   c) Active listening
   d) Understanding
Q4.Which of the following is a good example of horizontal flow in an organization?
   a) When employees give their supervisors reports listing their accomplishments during the last year
   b) When the department heads of marketing and research get together for a meeting
   c) When, at a party, the vice-president's secretary tells the husband of one of the employees about plans for layoffs
   d) When a supervisor issues a statement to all subordinates explaining new travel policies
Q5.The term organizational hierarchy implies
   a) that organizations have some kind of structure
  b) that organizations have different levels of command
   c) that organizations employ organizational charts
   d) All of the above
Q6.Which of the following is/are considered as resource/s in management?
   a) Men
   b) Materials
   c) Machine
   d) All of the above
Q7.Top-level managers need more of____as compared to other skills.
   a) Technical skills
   b) Conceptual skills
  c) Human skills
   d) All of the above
Q8.Dual structure approach of motivation is developed by
   a) Maslow
   b) F. Herzberg
   c) Alderfer
   d) Mc Gregor
Q9.--------- barriers are caused due to faulty physical conditions such as ringing telephone, poor lighting, typewriters clattering, etc.
   a) Interpersonal
   b) NOISE
   c) Technological
   d) Organizational
Q10.Which of the following is NOT an important issue relating to goal-setting theory?
   a) Goal specificity
   b) Equity among workers
   c) Feedback
   d) Defining the goal

HRM-IC90 Mock Series- Click Here

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