How to Pass the Licentiate Exam the First Time

How to Pass the Licentiate Exam

 How to Pass the Licentiate Exam the First Time The Insurance Institute of India was established in India to promote insurance education and training. It offers a variety of exams, but the licentiate test offered by the Insurance Institute of India is a good place to start if you want to pursue a specialist certificate in the insurance business in India. In general, the exams are divided into three parts: LICENTIATE, ASSOCIATESHIP, and FELLOWSHIP. These tests establish a standard of proficiency in the subject of insurance.

The Insurance Institute of India describes the exam stages as follows:

1) Licentiate exam – This is an introductory course that includes two mandatory exams, Principles of Insurance and Insurance Practice (Life and Non-Life), as well as one optional paper from the professional exam curriculum. This examination has a solid industrial reputation, and after passing it, one can move on to the associate and fellow examinations. A candidate can only pass the Licentiate test if he or she has completed all of the required Licentiate papers and has accumulated 60 credit points. 2) Associateship exam— At this level, students may take either Life or Non-Life topics, or both. The study plan provides knowledge on the chosen subject. Candidates must, nevertheless, get acquainted with the practical elements of these courses.

3) Fellowship exam - The Insurance Institute of India's highest level of examination, which also includes advanced studies in specific fields of insurance. In this article, we will go over the various licentiate tests in brief. They are as follows:

* Licentiate in Life Insurance - This exam comprises of three papers: Principles of Insurance (IC 01), Practice of Life Insurance (IC 02), and Insurance Business Regulation (IC 03). (IC 14).

* Licentiate in General Insurance exam - This exam consists of three papers: Principles of Insurance (IC 01), Practice of General Insurance (IC 11), and Insurance Business Regulation (IC 14). Principles of Insurance (IC01) and Regulation of Insurance Business papers (IC14) are common test papers for both exams. To pass these licentiate exams, you must take the Insurance of India Mock Test, which will assist you in passing the exams on the first try. onewishpublication Insurance Institute of India practise exams are developed in such a way that the student will pass his or her exam on the first try. They explain almost every question in detail so that you can understand and remember the answers.The mathematical questions are also given explicit step-by-step solutions. Aside from that, they provide limitless efforts to practise for the exam. You can practise for six months, plus a one-month free extension if necessary. The questions in the One wish publication Insurance Institute of India mock test question bank have been carefully chosen to ensure that only the most crucial questions are included, allowing students to save time and pass the exams on their first try.