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Health Insurance exam

People purchase health insurance to protect themselves and their family members from health related diseases. Our health must be at the top of our priority list, and it must not be compromised. In general, people purchase health insurance to protect themselves against unexpected medical emergencies. Medical insurance is purchased through agents, who play an important role in serving as a link between the insurance company and the insured.

Role of Health Insurance Agent

As previously stated,  the health insurance agent plays a critical role in the sale of the policy.  He pursues the client to purchase a health insurance policy. He only represents the interests of one insurance company, but he also focuses on the insured's welfare.IRDA trains and licenses health insurance agents, but unless he engages in unethical practices, he is not liable if a dispute arises between the policyholder and the insurance company, or if any damage occurs.

How to be the Health Insurance Agent

Anyone who wishes to work as an agent for a health insurance company must first pass an exam. He must be well-versed in the company's health insurance policies. The insurance company also provides them in-house training.


To become a life insurance agent, one must pass the IRDAI pre-recruitment qualification exam.

Syllabus for Exam

Understanding of insurance, providing technical product information, providing professional advice, understanding claims, fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements, and understanding customer protection and ethics are all part of the Health Insurance Agent syllabus.

Pattern of Exam

1.) The candidate is given one hour to complete the test. 2.) A total of 50 multiple choice questions are presented to the candidate, with each question requiring the candidate to select the correct answer. 3.) Each question is worth one mark. 4.) There is no negative marking for incorrect answers. 5.) One can pass the exam with a score of 35 percent. The Insurance Institutes of India also conduct a pre-recruitment test for health insurance agents. It issues certificates and diplomas to eligible candidates within two months of the date of the announcement of the results, assuming that the candidate has already filled out the necessary election forms. In collaboration with the University of Mumbai's autonomous department of Economics, the institute has also launched a one-year Postgraduate Diploma in Health Insurance program.

Eligibility Candidates who have completed XII are required to obtain a certificate and diploma, while those who have completed a graduate degree are required to pursue a Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Insurance. Candidates can also get a certificate in health insurance from the Institute of Finance, Banking, and Insurance.


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